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Posted by Michael Foran on Sun, Dec 30, 2012 @ 12:33 PM
Michael Foran

    Contemporary furniture is gaining popularity in today's homes

   Many people want to change after they have lived with one look for many years. The simpler lines of contemporary furniture can give you a cleaner look. 

   Contemporary style is the way to go for a streamlined "less is more" home. A contemporary home feels modern, fresh and functional--while still feeling warm and welcoming. These are the reasons why so many people are turning to contemporary design.

   Open floor plans, large windows and lots of natural light are also key characteristics of a contemporary home. The clean lines of contemporary allow you to use distinctive artwork.     Contemporary accessories are usually artistic shapes and add interest to your home. They can be in bright vivid colors that go with your pillows or artwork.  They can be placed as individual accessories or in pairs. 

    Contemporary can also be warm and comfortable. It doesn't have to be all white like you see in many magazines. Don't be afraid to use color in your contemporary home. You can give your room some excitement with the use of color.

   In the photos below, there are a variety of contemporary sofa colors, including teal, spice and a patterned fabric that is beautiful when seen in person. A fabric sofa in a contemporary room can add texture and softness to the room.

Contemporary Furniture Gaining Popularity
Contemporary in traditional home

Contemporary Furniture Gaining PopularityClean contemporary look
Contemporary Furniture Gaining Popularity
Use color from your artwork

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