Interior Design and Decorating Ideas for Your 2 Story Foyer

Posted by Michael Foran on Thu, Jul 18, 2013 @ 12:22 PM
Michael Foran

   Do you realize how important the decorating in your 2 story foyer is?  

It is the first thing that friends and family see when they come to visit your home. The foyer is the room that leaves you with the first impression of what the rest of the home is like.   That is the reason why we as interior designers recommend that you take the time and effort to decorate your foyer to make that first impression of your home a lasting good one.

   Here are some more reasons why it is important to have good interior design and decorating in your foyer or entryway.

1.  You want people to feel comfortable when they enter your home.

2.  You want people to have a clear picture of who you are and what styles you like.

3.  You want people to be impressed by your good design. 

Here are the parts of your two story foyer that you need to pay attention to.

1.  WALLS - paint color, faux paint treatment or wallpaper

You want the walls in the foyer to coordinate with the rest of your home.  Some people may want a dramatic look in their foyer, while others may want to keep it simple.


A really dressy entry mirror or picture that will tell people a short story about who you are and how you live is always nice to have in an entryway or foyer.   


A dramatic ceiling in your foyer will add interest and beauty to your home.  Decorative ceilings always add style to a room. You can showcase your ceilings by giving them a special trim design or by painting them a different color.  

Two story foyer ceiling design

Ceiling design and beautiful chandelier


A beautiful console or foyer table is a practical part of many foyers.  

Consoles can have a half round shape with a curve or can be long, straight and narrow. Foyer tables can be large and round or small and round.  If you put a small decorative box on the console or foyer table, this will help keep your foyer tidy by being a good place to keep keys and other items.

Decorating Ideas for Your 2 Story Foyer

Console, mirror, lighting and accessories in a two story foyer



A beautiful rug that can stand up to a lot of traffic is a great addition to a foyer.

We recommend a high end wool rug that may need to be professionally cleaned once in a while.  A good wool rug will stay beautiful for years to come.  


Lighting in the foyer is so important.

The foyer is the room that leaves you with the first impression of what the rest of the home is like.  Lighting in the foyer is critical because both the size and the style of the lighting in the foyer must be appropriate for the space.  The foyer lighting you choose will definitely leave an impression on your guests and your goal should be to create a warm welcome for your visitors.  

As professional interior designers, we like to layer lighting.  What this means is that we use several different kinds of lighting sources, such as lamps, wall sconces and chandeliers. When you layer the lighting by using several different light sources, it can soften or even visually expand the space.

Also, it is good to remember that foyer lighting can be seen from the second story if there is a stairway in the foyer.  Whatever lighting you choose, it should look good from whatever vantage point it is viewed. A beautiful chandelier can add a lot to your foyer or entryway and make it well-lit as well as being a stylish stunner.


The final touches are what really makes foyers and entryways special.  

A magnificent vase of flowers, whether they are fresh or faux, can add freshness to the space.  The console or foyer table should showcase a beautiful floral, a basket or a decorative box.  Sometimes a nicely framed family or friends picture sitting on the console is a nice touch.  An interesting sculpture sitting on a pedestal or a beautiful vase always adds to the unique style of the foyer.

Floral in two story foyer

 Large floral in a two story foyer

   What do you want from your 2 story foyer?  You should want it to be beautiful and functional.  If you have an interesting, attractive, organized and functional foyer, it will help you and your family feel proud of your home.  It can also help your family be more organized and enter and leave your home with ease.  

A good professional interior designer can help you have the kind of 2 story foyer that will make you and your family happy as well as welcome friends and family to your home.  We at Foran Interior Design would be glad to talk to you about interior design and decorating ideas for your 2 Story Foyer.  Read this blog for more two story decorating ideas.

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