Functional Interior Designer Ideas For Your Home Office

Functional Interior Designer Ideas For Your Home Office

Here are some practical ideas for your home office.

Your home office needs to be functional and practical whether it is a self-contained office or a small desk in the corner of a living room or kitchen.  What do you do in your office?  Do you take care of emails, post blogs or communicate with clients?  Do you actually meet with your clients and/or vendors in your home office?  Whatever you do, it is very important to make the most of your personal office space.

It needs to be functional, practical and comfortable. You want computer space, file cabinets and a comfortable chair. Everyone wants to feel happy in their Home Office.  They want form that meets function. Functional features such as flip-down drawers and charging and docking stations on the desk surfaces are important for todays home offices.

It is also important to choose the most effective furniture and the best lighting as well as have attractive storage areas and accessories that will brighten your day.  If you have accessories that you love, they will bring out the creativity in you.  Your work space should be personal and inspiring.  Your home office needs to be designed around your needs and tastes so you will be creatively inspired.

Having your own style in your home office is so important.  New finishes offer flair, giving desks, bookcases and other pieces fresh new looks.

Smaller scale units ranging from laptop-friendly desks to junior executive desks are tailored to young, mobile working professionals.

Bookcases and file cabinets are also an important part of the home office.  Hank Long says “It’s not just about books–it’s about who you are and how you decorate your home”. Bookcases are offered in every home office collection.

Bookcases’ versatility goes way beyond books.  Bookcases also display family photos,figurines and other collectibles.  The bookcase is about who you are.  It’s about displaying accessories and trophies, and you may also have some books in there.

Another home office idea is to use a bookcase as a room divider. The bookcase must be   open and finished on both sides.  There are many clever designs and styles. There are just a huge variety of shapes, configurations and finishes.  It can be very creative and make your home office unique and stylish. Bookcases are great for storage, and the vertical nature of them helps to make a statement in a lot of different rooms.  They are an important element to carry through the theme of a room.  They are architectural in nature and people still have many things they want to display on them other than a library of books.  They are a good statement piece for a room.

We designed these built-in bookcases for the needs of this client.

This home office was designed as a combination office and den.

Function and scale are keys to making a happy home office.  You need room to get around and you want the office to be comfortable. It is imperative to have a good floor plan if you want to have a functional home office. It is the first thing you need when planning your home office.

Hopefully these home office ideas will help you when planning your home office. It’s a good idea to have a professional interior designer to help you plan out your room and give you even more ideas for decorating your home.

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