How Do Interior Designers Arrange Furniture in a Living Room?

Posted by Michael Foran on Sun, Jul 28, 2013 @ 01:13 PM
Michael Foran

How do interior designers arrange furniture in a living room is a great question.  Here are some key factors to think about and plan ahead for.  

Interior Designer  Living Room

1.  Interior Designers Consider Your Unique Lifestyle and Function.

You need to consider how you want to use the room.  Do you watch TV in the space?  Do you want to put a baby grand or a grand piano in the room?  Do you work at home and want to have a computer and desk area in the living room?  Do you entertain a lot and need lots of comfortable seating?  If so, you need to plan for this.

Will you have small children in the living room area?  If so, you need to use soft corners and no sharp edges so the little ones will be safe.

2.  Interior Designers Consider the space you have.

You need to keep a nice distance between your furniture so that the room does not appear to be cluttered.  Chairs should be set out from the walls and there should be a nice distance between your coffee table and the sofa or chairs.  The interior designer's goal should be to not make the room look cluttered. The major traffic pattern should be three feet wide.

3.  Interior Designers Plan for Lighting Your Living Room

Table lamps and floor lamps will create soft lighting, so be sure you don't rely on just overhead lighting in the living room.  If you have nice windows, be sure that they are used for lighting and viewing.  Therefore, arrange your furniture so that the windows are utilized in the best way to create the look you want.

4.  Interior Designers Help You Choose a Strong Focal Point in your room

You need to decide on a strong focal point for your Living room.  It could be the television, the fireplace or a beautiful window view.  Arrange your room from the largest pieces of furniture, such as the sofa and showcase the focal point from there.  The best way to arrange your living room is to start with the largest piece of furniture and let it focus on the focal point of the room.

Of course, focal points work best when they are not the only interesting feature in your room.  If you want good design, you need to pay attention from all perspectives.  Look around your living space and consider what can be done to support the focal point.  

Always remember that focal points need support and definition in order to be effective.  It is always a good idea to develop a working focal point along with a few supporting focal points in order to develop a creative and aesthetically pleasing living room.

 In summary, your unique lifestyle will help your interior designer plan the space you have.  Also, it is a good idea to start with a strong focal point and a good lighting plan when arranging the new furniture in your home. Good communication with your professional interior designer will help them design and arrange the furniture to create a perfect living room for you and your family. We at Foran Interior Design would be glad to talk to you about interior design and decorating ideas. 

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