New Trend to Change Your Dining Room into a Conversation Sitting Room

Posted by Michael Foran on Tue, Jan 08, 2019 @ 04:00 PM
Michael Foran

Does anyone use their formal dining room anymore? It make sense to use every room in your home. There is a trend to change the dining room into a conversation sitting room.

Conversational grouping-325543-edited

Some of our clients have wanted to change their large dining room into a comfortable round sitting area and conversation area where they can entertain guests or be alone and read. The room is television-free and has a fantastic view of the pool and outdoor landscape.

Nowadays, many families gather around the kitchen island. They may eat at the dinette table where things are more casual. Dinettes in new home are much larger and will seat large groups.

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Sometimes it is nice to retreat to a quiet corner and leave the noise in the main family room. The natural light can be put to good use when reading or dreaming in the comfortable lounge-type swivel chairs as shown in the photo. We changed the chandelier to tie in to the architectural detail of the ceiling,  We also used a round chandelier to mimic the round seating pattern in the room.

 Comfortable conversation seating

 Since this dining room was quite large, we were able to put six comfortable lounge chairs in the formal dining room to make it a perfect comfortable area to sit and converse with guests. A perfect "conversation area" for family and friends.

comfortable conversation grouping

A conversational grouping can be with two, four, and even 6 chairs. It is a good idea to have pull up ottomans in the room so you can add to the seating, if needed.Request an In Home Consultation with Michael Foran


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