Interior Design Trends in Dallas for 2019

Posted by Michael Foran on Mon, Jan 14, 2019 @ 01:27 PM
Michael Foran

There are a lot of new interior design trends in Dallas for 2019 and here are our ten favorites.

Conversational grouping

In the photo above, we changed their dining room into a conversation sitting room. This client told us they did not use their dining room, so we changed it into the most popular room in their home,

1. Change your Dining Room into a conversation sitting room

A lot of people do not use their dining room because they have larger dinette areas in newer homes. Four or six comfortable chairs facing each other is a great way to have conversation with friends or family. Some of these rooms are set up as a wine room or a game room.

comfortable conversational grouping


2. Outdoor living

There are a lot of days in Dallas that are great for outdoor living. Home owners are putting in outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, swimming pools and comfortable seating to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.

Outdoor living sofa

This photo is a good example of how much outdoor furniture has changed. Some companies have many beautiful fabrics that can hold up and look great for years.


3. Quality digital artwork

There are some great companies in the art world that have the capability of reproducing high quality digital artwork on canvas. The original artwork is digitally transferred on to a canvas and enhanced by an artist. It is very hard to tell these pieces from the originals. The other advantage is you can order them in the size you want, because it is digital.

Contemporary Design How to hire the best Dallas Interior Designer-783926-edited

We ordered this large digital artwork for our client to compliment the other accents in the room. The horse artwork below is also digital imagery.

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4. Mixing metals

The day of matching everything is gone. Yes, it is okay to use oiled rubbed bronze and antique brass together or chrome or nickel and antique silver. You can also use a second metal finish as an accent (like pewter light fixture with brass accents). This will add detail to your room. 

One way to look at it, is you would not think twice about using different colors in your room, so why not different metal finishes. 

 In the room below, we used an antique silver on the light fixtures for a softer look and mixed it with the stainless finishes in the room.Mixing metal finishes


5. Decorative ceilings

Sometimes ceilings are a forgotten area in the home. So many interesting designs can be used on your ceilings to add interest and drama to your home.

Decorative ceiling

This is a ceiling design we used for one of our clients on a remodel project.


6. Cooler grays are out - Warm neutrals are in.

Gray has been in style a long time and some people are looking for warmer, softer backgrounds. It is just like any fad, it gets overdone and people get tired of it. 

In this recent remodel project, we used Sherwin Williams DOVER WHITE.

Country English Condo Remodel - Master Bath 2


7. Grouped photo frames



8. Performance fabrics

Today's performance fabrics are not the same as the harsh fabrics of the past. The new performance fabrics are soft, durable and come in many colors and patterns. The outdoor fabrics are now being used indoors. Some are fade resistant, mold resistant and can be cleaned with bleach. This is a perfect combination if you have kids and still want comfort and style.

Performance fabrics

 These fabrics on this Tommy Bahama furniture can be used inside or out.

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9. Cream colored kitchens

White kitchens are not going out of style, but some people are wanting a softer look, especially traditional home owners. The cream color keeps the room light without making it stark.

Country English Condo Remodel - Kitchen

This kitchen is more of a cream color rather than a white.


10. Waterfall counter tops

A waterfall counter top is when the same counter top material flows right over the edge, as you can see in the photo below. On this remodeling project the client wanted a clean contemporary look, so we suggested the waterfall treatment. On this project we used quartz, but it can be done in many other materials.

Waterfall edge counter top



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