How to put together a Lighting Plan for your Master Bedroom

Posted by Michael Foran on Thu, Dec 27, 2012 @ 09:26 AM
Michael Foran

A lighting plan for your master bedroom is important for your master bedroom.

There are a lot of choices for lighting your master bedroom. It is best to use a combination of  lighting fixtures and lamps.

Flush mount or semi-flush mount fixtures are good choices because they will give you general light but can be dimmed for softer lighting.  Just be careful that the bottom of the fixture is not too low.  Think about the style of your bed and if they will conflict with each other.

The same rule applies to ceiling fans.  Make sure they are not too large and hang down too far. If you do use a fan (see picture below) you will probably need more recessed lights. Recessed lights should be used to fill in for dark areas in your room. Recessed light should be switched separately because  although it may be good  lighting the  for cleaning, the exposed bulb is too harsh  for other uses. When selecting table lamps for your night stands, think about the height of the shade so you will end up with a good reading light.  Wall mounted swing arm lights work great for reading.

Cove lighting with LED light strips will add indirect light to your room and create a nice ambiance.

Master Bedroom Lighting

We used lamps and recessed lighting for this master bedroom

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