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How to use Color to Warm up your Home | Rochester, Michigan

Choosing the right color to warm up your home is very important.

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How do I Select a Paint Color? | Michigan

How do I select a paint color?

Ask yourself these three questions.

How is this room going to be used?

If it is a master bathroom where you put on make-up, then you might not want it too dark because dark colors suck up lots of light making it hard to see.

How do you want this room to feel?

If you have a large white room that looks stark and feels uncomfortable, then you might want to use more color.  If you live in a warm climate, then you might consider a cooler color on the walls like soft blue or turquoise.  If you want a warmer feel, then you should consider using soft gold, bronze or a soft yellow.

How can I use paint to save money?

Everyone loves the look of a paneled library but it is also very expensive.  You might only panel half way up, then paint the wall in a rich mahogany color.  Make sure you use plenty of light in this darker colored room.


When you have some selections that you like, go to the paint store and buy a small can of paint in the color you think you like and paint it on a piece of poster board or drywall (2’ x 3’).  Do not just paint it on a wall in your room.  You need to be able to move it around in your room because light will change the way it looks.  This is the time to be cautious and thorough.  A mistakes selecting a paint color can be very expensive.

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