Sun, May 03, 2015 @ 06:14 PM

How do I Decorate my New Luxury Dallas TX Home

How do I Decorate my New Luxury Dallas TX Home - Part 1 

How do I decorate and furnish the foyer in my new Dallas Texas home is a question that is on many new homeowners minds.  The foyer is the first area that people see when they are visiting your home. Therefore, you want  to make  it nice and show your home "style" as well as make people feel comfortable and welcome.


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Wed, Oct 01, 2014 @ 02:27 PM

Two Story Foyer Decorating Ideas - Make your Entry Spectacular

Many homeowners are unsure of how to decorate their 2 story foyer.

Many homeowners are unsure of how to decorate their two story entryway.  Tall foyers are puzzling because there is a lot of space but not much room for furniture,  These foyers have tall walls of drywall, large front doors, archways and staircases that extend out into the foyer.  That is a lot of elements to deal with.  The best way to solve the problem is to break it down into the parts of a room.

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Sat, Aug 23, 2014 @ 04:23 PM

Ideas for your Two Story Foyer, Entry Hall and Stairway Walls

Many people want two story entryway decorating ideas for their home.  

They need creative ideas and a new look for their two story foyer and entry hall.  Many have stairways in their foyer and want to know what to put on the walls.  Here are some interior design ideas and looks that might work for your home.

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Mon, Apr 28, 2014 @ 05:53 PM

Decorating Ideas For Your Texas Two Story Foyer

Six areas of the two story foyer and how to decorate them

There have been a lot of homes built in Texas over the last 10 years and a lot of them have 2 story foyers. Two story foyers can be a challenge to decorate. One of the reasons two story foyers seem so difficult to decorate is because there is so much drywall.

As an interior designer I look at it as a way to do something dramatic with the large wall area. Below I will discuss the different areas of the foyer and some options on how to decorate them.

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Thu, Dec 27, 2012 @ 03:33 PM

Two Story Foyer Decorating Ideas

Two story foyers can seem difficult to decorate because there is so much plain drywall.

There are a number of ways to handle this decorating problem like murals, paint treatments, wallpaper, moldings and artwork. Murals are expensive, but when done by an expert they can be breathtaking. Paint treatments are a good way to go when you want some detail but not too much. Good choices for a formal foyer are venetian plaster or luster stone.

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