Photos of Two Story Drapery Treatments that won't Block your View

Posted by Michael Foran on Sun, Oct 12, 2014 @ 02:00 PM
Michael Foran

Two story drapery treatments that will not block your view


There are a lot of new homes being built today with tall windows. Draperies add softness, beauty, detail and also help with acoustics. In many cases home owners do not want to block their view of the beauty of their windows. Below are some photos of two story drapery treatments that will give you both--beauty on the inside and the outside.


The treatment abpve was designed to give the client a beautiful drapery without blocking the view of a lake. The fabric is a soft green douppioni silk tied back in a bishop sleeve treatment. The drapery side panels are hung from rings on a wood decorative rod. The top of the side panel is adorned with a builion fringe and magnificent tassels are also used.



This clean drapery treatment is also designed to allow maximum view. The fabric is a muted linen/cotton print. For privacy we used Hunter Douglas Vignettes.


For these arch topped windows we used a treatment that we could curve to follow the curve of the window. The drapery side panels are hung by individual medallions. The draperies are tied back high to maintain the beautiful view.

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