Find out how to determine your interior design style.

There are many details that go into determining your interior design style. A professional interior designer will ask you questions about what colors you like, is your life style casual or formal, how do you want this room to function, do you like straight lines or curved lines and many more. We have a 14 page questionare that we use as a guide to determine our clients own personal style. I have found that clients are much happier with this approach because it is based on their own personal likes and dislikes and not a designers personal style. 

The other advantage to finding your own personal design style is that it won't be a trend and therefore it will not go out of style. The reason design trends go out of style after a few years is that people see too much of the same look and get tired of it.

Your interior design style should be about you and your family, not about what is popular online or on some TV show.

Below are some of the different looks I created for my clients, based on their personal style.

Transitional Design

This client had a passion for unique accents.


French Dressing Room

This client wanted a French styled lady's dressing room.


Menswear Look

This client wanted a modern menswear look.


Eclectic Design

Mixture of style, color and comfort


Contemporary Design

White backgrounds and bright accents.


Log Home Theater

The look of a home theater under the stars.


Traditional Design

This client wanted a rich and dramatic living room


Rustic Design

This client wanted rustic sophistication.


Italian Dining Room

This client wanted a high end Italian dining room.


 As you can see there are endless interior design styles. We can help you find your's.


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